Tips and Tricks For Parents

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Being a parent is one of the most difficult tasks in the world. So we need all the parenting tips and tricks we can get! While it is extremely rewarding and valuable, parenting is difficult. There are days when things can get overwhelming and you just need a break. That’s why more and more mothers and fathers are sharing hacks they discover on how to make parenting easier for other parents! Here are great tips and tricks for parents to try.

The dot method of labeling clothing

If you have multiple children and keep getting confused about which clothes belong to whom, just use a simple method of dot marking their clothes. One point for the oldest child, two points for the second, three for the third, and so on. Trust us, this will save you a lot of washing time and help you to see at a glance which clothes have to be removed for which child.

Use a rubber band for locks

Use a rubber band to keep your bathroom doors from locking when you shut them. This prevents your children from accidentally locking themselves in the bathrooms at home.

Have your measurements ready

Who would have thought that a leisurely trip to the mall can be so exhausting? That is, if you have a toddler to take away (who will run even more if you shout “Stop running!”). If it’s hard enough to urge him into stores, imagine asking him to try on clothes and shoes.

The simple solution is to take your measurements, write them down on a piece of paper, and keep them in your wallet. You can track his feet too! This way, you can shop easily whether he is with you or not. Don’t forget to update these measurements from time to time – kids are growing too fast!

Use a “Scary Monster Spray”.

If your child can’t sleep at night because they are afraid of monsters to pick them up, just fill a spray bottle with water and put some monster stickers on the bottle. Spray it in front of your child at night and tell them that you are “scare away” the monsters. This will help him sleep without fear.

Make a bracelet with your phone number for your little one

Are you familiar with the large plastic alphabet beads that are used to make children’s necklaces and bracelets? You can make good use of them! They also make those with numbers, and you can make a bracelet with your phone number that your child can wear when you are out and about. It would be extremely useful if they were lost.

Let them help make or design the bracelet so that they will want to wear it more.

Prevent slippery floors

Slippery floors at home can be a hazard to your little one walking around here and there. A good parenting hack for toddlers is to add a touch of 3D fabric color to the soles of your baby’s socks, ankle boots, or onesies. This makes them non-slip, and you can be relieved that your baby doesn’t slip and fall anywhere in the house.

Make a travel art kit

Toddlers love to draw and paint. One way to keep them entertained on the street is to have an art kit handy. Use an old DVD case to make your kit. Just insert paper, a couple of colored pencils or crayons and voila – your uncomplicated travel art set!

Use an inflatable pool as a baby playpen

If you need to work and keep an eye on your baby so they don’t get injured or mischievous, you don’t have to pay a fortune to buy a playpen. Instead, just use an inflatable pool and put your baby in it while you frolic.

Seal these bath toys

Bath toys are incredibly useful, keeping your little one busy tidying up. But water penetrates and causes mold. To prevent this from happening, seal the holes in bath toys with a hot glue gun!

Temporary tattoos

To keep your child from getting lost in a crowded place, you can give them a temporary tattoo that includes their name and phone number just in case. This is a safety requirement for your peace of mind. You can also have him wear a bracelet with his name and phone number if you’re not a fan of feathers on your child’s skin.

Make chores a game

Children love games and rewards. If you turn chores into a game, they’ll want to be a part of it. Whoever puts away most of the toys, picks up the most clutter, or fills out a simple checklist wins!

If that means you’re only back 5 minutes a day, go for it! Try These Awesome Parent Hacks!

Get yourself a baby scooter or stroller

This will help you make your walks in the park with your children a little more fun and get to places with them faster. You can exercise this way too, as you will have to run to keep up with them.

Popsicle hack

Anyone, adult or child, who eats a dripping popsicle cannot avoid a mess. In fact, not only will children be rubbing everything on their face, they will mess up their clothes too. A great way to avoid this mess is to poke the popsicle through an upright cupcake holder. This will ensure that the dripping mess builds up in the holder and not on your child’s clothes.

Stickers on the inside of shoes can help your little ones figure out which one is for which foot!

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