Best Easy Animation Video Maker In USA 2021

  • It works Faster and Help You Create 2D Animated Explainer Videos
  • It includes Ready-To-Go Animated Characters for any Niche
  • It comes with Free Library that has HD Background Images and Music Files, GIFs & Icons ready With A Click
  • It supports Multilingual Text
  • It has dynamic Text To Speech Options
  • Create Up To 25 Min Long Animated Explainer Videos
  • Free Commercial License
  • Drag & Drop feature and Auto-Positioning Magic!
  • Create videos for social media platforms of any resolution
  • Can Animate Text, Zoom In/Out
  • Modern User Interface
  • More Animations & Transitions


If you are looking for the easy animation video maker then here is the all new editor which is faster than before and helps to create 2D animated explainer videos in record time.

Videos are simple tools to help explain complex problems. It’s also the easiest and most fun way to do it. The idea of ​​using animated videos is gaining popularity. These videos provide detailed explanation and do a great job. A picture is more interesting than a thousand words. Most of the people are not interested in watching written material, but they do like watching videos.

A good animation video maker is in high demand. They are fun to watch and easily grab the attention of the public. It is an innovative and effective way of generating ideas, strategies and business plans. These videos are also used by marketers to promote products.

Animated explainer videos are the trend of the season in today’s business world. Simply these videos are created by the operator, usually in animated form, and are used to promote a brand, product or service. Animated explainer video is very cheap, effective and always the best marketing option.

Best easy animation video maker in USA 2021:

If you are looking for the easy animation video maker then here is the all new editor which is faster than before and helps to create 2D animated explainer videos in record time.

It has ready to go animated characters that are suitable for any niche you want. It has royalty free Library with HD background images and ready to click music files.

It supports multilingual text and gives your animated video a reality with dynamic text to speech options. You can also create longer explainer videos that are up to 25 min’s long. You can sell this video’s and earn profits.

It provides commercial license with which you can sell these videos without any legal hassles. It features auto-positioning which automatically auto-position the items while you drag and drop the items on the scene.

It also provides animated text so that you can convert your old fashioned text into animated ones. You can make videos for social media platforms with any resolution.

If you are using images to reach your audience then you might not get what you have expected. There is lot of competition between brands to grab attention of audience in space of digital marketing.

2D explainer videos and audio are extremely effective in providing results. 90% of people goes for explainer video and audio instead of scrolling through the mundane content. They like to watch and listen. You will also get an amazing results with this animated video maker. With this you can easily attract your audience to your products or services and can get profits with ease.

Explainer videos have worked more to increase sales and shared 37% more often which are less than 90 seconds in duration. Using animated explainer videos is the right choice.

You might have seen companies using animated videos for their advantage, Here is the best animated video maker software- VidToon!

You are missing out if you do not know about this software. You are losing your audience everyday if you are not using animated videos to attract them. The companies which use animated videos to attract audience are making exponential profits.

Without wasting another precious moment jump onto the bandwagon of using animated videos.

Animation works for every niche such as bloggers, affiliate marketers, ecommerce stores, youtube channels, digital marketers to drive traffic to their articles, promotions, products, videos, target audience etc.

With its newest range of features you can create sophisticated animated videos in minutes. If you are a new user or an existing customer this software will change the way your animated videos generate leads and make profits. It comes with Library consisting of unlimited resources you just have to customize, personalize and design.

In just 3 steps you can make this video

Download vidtoon2.0

Drag and drop to create amazing videos with the new features

Export the rendered video and share

This software has easy to use dashboard which is faster. It comes with modern user interface with which you can make awesome explainer videos in just few clicks of buttons. It has plethora of options such as images, Gifs, new age characters, sound effects and transitions to add striking effects to your videos.

You can even animate your texts and it is guaranteed that you will clickthrough rates boost engagement and slash your advertising costs on any social media platforms.

In this software all the features are categorized with precision to find easily when you need it. With the newest range of options and tools you can connect emotionally with your audience using modern range of 25 new characters. It has 30 unique animations and transitions to transform you videos into converting ones.

This easy animation video maker is also supported by the realistic text to speech voices at Google and Microsoft. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a professional voice over artists. You just have to add text of your choice and this software will take it from there automatically.

You can save your money and time with animated videos. This software lets you create effective animations in just minutes and allow you to add text to speech tools for audio.

This 2D animation video maker also makes tutorials and training videos which are entertaining and educational. It helps you make the best animation videos with its enhanced features and tools. It is simple, better and fast.


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