How To Write an Ebook And Make Money

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How to write an ebook and make money? Create your ebook In three simple steps

One of the best inventions for readers and authors was the e-book. This digital creation not only revolutionized reading, but also publishing. This made the process easier and more affordable.

However, creating an e-book is often seen as a tedious and laborious process. Because of this, potential authors are giving up on this approach.

But now there’s a groundbreaking new e-book builder called Sqribble. This builder has an answer to all of your e-book building needs.

What is an eBook Creator?

An e-book creator is, as the term suggests, software that helps with the creation of an e-book. It contains templates for the layout of your work as well as the cover. It even helps with the formatting and design of your book.

Despite our positive introduction, you may still be questioning the legitimacy of Sqribble. However, you don’t have to worry as this software is completely legitimate. You can fully rely on that. If you don’t believe us, read loads of sqribble reviews posted by happy customers.

Sqribble is a cloud-based online platform that allows you to create PDF formatted eBooks. It offers several pre-made eBooks that you can customize for your own customers, products, or brands. According to the Sqribble homepage, it is the world’s leading and easiest-to-use eBook creator studio and was founded by Adeel Chowdhry

Gone are the days of having to look for e-book designers. Now, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, time, and effort finding writers. All you have to do is download the software. Choose your specifications and enter any adjustments or changes required. Sqribble will do the rest.

Within a few minutes you will have an attractive and appealing e-book in hand.

How to write an ebook and make money?


  • Easy to use
  • 15 niche categories
  • Auto Content Writer
  • Commercial license
  • Agency website

Easy to use

Easy to use software with easy point and click technology.

Stunning designs

50 templates to choose from in 15 popular niche categories.

60 Second creation

Create amazing e-books, reports, and white papers in minutes.

Instant content

Skip writing with our automated content engine.

Commercial license

Sell ​​designs as your own and get 100% of the profits.

Agency website

Includes a portfolio that you can use to impress your potential customers.

How to write an ebook and make money? How does Sqribble work?

There are 50 templates you can use to write your text. With the colors and style, it is possible to move this around as you like using the drag and drop technology. But how do you really get to bring the material into the book?

Some ways to do this:

  • Retrieve from a URL

Just find a url, copy and paste it. If you are a writer or you have a website this is great and would love to turn some of your material into an eBook. It removes the HTML coding and just takes the content from the website and includes the photos. Of course, you have to give credit to the source, but I wouldn’t recommend stealing someone else’s work to write a novel.

  • Start over

Just write on a blank template.

  • Copy and paste manually

This is a namesake step, it does what it says no explanation required!

  • Upload a Word file

You can upload this file if you already have the material in a Word document and Sqribble will turn it into a professionally designed book. This is a great option when you are paying someone to design a book for them.

  • Start collecting articles

Sqribble has eBook templates to choose from. I can’t know how useful these would be, but the apps that Sqribble provides can be a great way to play around.

How to write an ebook and make money? Benefits

Beautiful templates

Sqribble comes with 50 stunning designs in 15 niches. It ensures that no matter what topic you are working on, you have a template option. These unique, eye-catching blueprints will make your work stand out. It will help you make your audience dependent on your content. You don’t need any additional software to use these templates.

Automatic content generation

When a writing pad hit you hard or you’re not interested in writing any content. Then Sqribble’s content writing service will help you. This brilliant tool offers content from the article database. It can also grab content from any link or document offered by the user. You no longer have to waste a huge amount of money hiring a writer to work for you.

Suave automated formatting

Sqribble gives your work a professional and high quality feel. It does so with its amazing format and layout. It arranges everything from the table of contents to the headings and page numbers. You can then add changes or make changes that suit your needs. In a matter of seconds you will have a formatted e-book with you.

Easy to use

Sqribble brings all of the incredible tools and features to consumers in one easy-to-use interface. This ensures that even beginners can use the software easily and comfortably. No expert knowledge on the part of the user is required for operation.


The best thing about Sqribble is that it has all of its amazing services at an affordable price. Now aspiring writers and bloggers can fulfill their desire to publish an e-book. You don’t have to fish out a lot of money and resources. All you have to do is download Sqribble ebook creator with a simple click.

How to write an ebook and make money?

Click, design, and publish your own e-books, reports, and white papers in just minutes!

Never again you will have to … waste hours searching for a “good” designer on a freelance website.

Wait 5-14 days for the designer to come back just to hate it.

Spend $ 100 to $ 500 per design template from stock websites.

Waste hours rewriting all of the content from scratch.

Burn $ 250-650 by hiring a freelance writer online.

Be frustrated because it takes forever.

No installation required.

Sqribble is compatible on all computers.

Sqribble is the ONLY eBook maker you’ll ever need …

Sqribble just got rid of the 3 biggest problems with creating eBooks (Including time savings and hundreds of dollars in the process)




How to write an ebook and make money?

Now you can right away Create stunning eBooks, reports, and white papers in 3 easy steps


Choose a template

Choose from 50 eye-catching designs in 15 profitable niche categories!

Each template includes a table of contents and professional page layouts that convert readers to buyers!


Add instant content

Don’t have time to create content? Just enter a url and watch Sqribble fill your pages automatically with fresh, finished content!

You can also load your e-book with a selection of 1,000 instant niche articles from our integrated content engine on Click!

Upload your own Word file and sit back while Sqribble automatically extracts the content from the document and paste it right into your new eBook.

Are you feeling creative? Start from scratch and write content yourself or copy and paste content right into your pages instead.


Customize & publish

Pick a color theme and customize it. Then add, delete or Edit pages, headings, images, paragraphs, text blocks, Dividers, buttons and links, functions, bullets or Call for action areas …

Click “Generate” and you are done!

In about 60 seconds you just created an eye – grab, Trust building eBook that can be sold or given away online to build your list faster than ever!

Here’s what Sqribble will do for you … Publish directly from your Sqribble dashboard

Just click the “Generate” button at the top of your dashboard to create ebooks instantly on-line!

You can open it online, share it with others, or download it to your computer.

Build your list FASTER than ever Everyone is talking about making a list, but making a lead magnet, e-book, or report to sell or giving away takes forever … until now!

Instantly increase your conversions, opt-in rates, and build a massive email list by creating professional-looking e-books that users in every niche will want to read Push of a button!

You can also enter several niche markets with just a few clicks!

Write an ebook and make money by Selling more eBooks at higher prices

Sqribble creates stunningly beautiful e-books that scream quality and pizazz. This is how you can raise your prices and boost yours Sales!

People judge a book by its cover … and the value they think is important.

Turn your 90s-style CHEAP LOOKING RUBBISH e-books that nobody cares into EYE-POPPING EBOOKS that have the highest dollar with authority!

The fact is – good design wins people’s trust and screams for “high quality!”

Just what you need to stand out from the crowd and sell MORE at a higher price.

Turn casual readers into ENGAGED Super Fans

What’s the point to write an eBook and make money or lead magnet if no one is going to read it?

Sqribble creates ebooks that your subscribers and buyers will want to read to the end. This will make them more involved in what you are saying. In the end, they are more likely to take action.

Use Sqribble to grab attention – losing content like this … into engaging, exciting content that people just can’t put off …

Throwaway Complicated, Expensive Publishing Tools Because Sqribble

Do everything …

You don’t have to spend weeks acquiring the various design and publishing tools like Adobe Photoshop to create an eBook. These tools can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

With Sqribble, you have everything you need under one roof, and it’s so easy even a 6-year-old can use it to create lead magnets and best-selling e-books in seconds.

Automatic content

Hate writing?

Can’t afford to spend $ 250 to $ 650 a time on a freelance writer? No problem! Sqribble

Automatically fills your e-book with professionally written content from various sources!

Forget about spending hours pounding on the keyboard or staring at a blank screen.

Drag content from any URL (such as your blog) or from our integrated content database or our Word document into your e-book at the touch of a button!

Automatic table of content

Sqribble automatically creates a fully themed and editable table of contents page that will give your readers an incredible user experience.

Rephrase, reformat, and shuffle any way you want.

Automatic headers & Footers

This ebook creator will automatically add smart headers and footers to your e-book, add a professional look, and be perfect for adding your contact information, logo, branding or a fantastic call to action on any page.

Automatic page numbering

Each page is automatically numbered for you! You save time and effort. Perfect for professional online publishing and to help readers find the page they’re looking for …

Pull and let go technology

Just click to drag and drop content onto any page! Fully customize a page layout without any programming or design skills.

Fully customizable

Change fonts, styles, colors, layouts and entire color themes at the push of a button!

Make your e-book really unique and perfectly matched to your website or brand.

Add unlimited pages

Tap the little plus sign to insert a new page wherever you want. Choose a thankyou page, blank page etc.,

Add design elements

Tap a button to bring up new article pages, covers, headings, images, icons, backgrounds, new paragraphs and text blocks, dividers, buttons and links, functions, bullet lists and action areas.

Simply select, click and you’re done!

Sqribble is the ONLY eBook maker you’ll ever need …

50 stunning one-of-a-kind eBook templates created for you by our top designers.

eBook templates in all types of niches in 15 categories.

Dozens of powerful advanced editing features and full customization.

Push button content to automatically fill out your eBooks in just a few minutes.

Makes you beautiful eBooks in minutes …

Save $ 1000 on Templates, Graphics, and Digital Assets!

Give it a try, just one e-book template is $ 445 …

$ 445 for a single eBook template ?!

Seriously? (… And you still have to buy expensive tools to edit and reformat them

the damn thing, plus you still have to create your own content!) Forget that!

With Sqribble, you can create eBooks for a one-time investment.

Reports, white papers and information products with just a few clicks or taps, without

Stress and without breaking your budget.

BYPASS working weeks Let’s face it, creating eBooks and reports isn’t easy. All that designing, writing, Edit, format for every single page and this is just an eBook!

With Sqribble, you can create dozens of beautiful eBooks in minutes, without Chained to your desk or huddled over your desk all day.

Order NOW and you’ll also get 300+ Google Fonts!

Unlock some of the coolest fonts on the web that can be used right in yours ebook, and really make it your own.

How do you stay ahead?

From the competition this year?

Let’s face it – marketing online doesn’t get any easier. There is more competition than ever before. Your prospects are more distracted than ever. How will YOU stand out from the noise and gain their attention, trust and wallets?

The secret?

  • Professional, eye-catching covers that stop scrollers in their tracks …
  • Beautiful e-book designs that increase perceived value and confidence …
  • Clean up layouts and engaging content that will turn casual readers into buyers and fans.

Don’t spend weeks and hundreds of dollars doing everything from scratch. Sqribble takes care of everything with a few clicks and taps!

Whether you’re making ebooks for sale or generating free reports to build your list, it’s never been faster, easier, or cheaper.

The EBOOK revolution!

E-books are taking over and are the best way to boost your digital business TODAY …


FREE commercial license!

(Worth $ 497)

Kickstart Your Digital Agency offers customers eBook creation and writing services!

Demand for eBook creation and publishing services increased 59% year over year. Find customers today!

Here’s what you get with your commercial license:

Commercial Rights

The Sqribble commercial license gives you unlimited creation

eBooks, Reports, and White Papers for Sale to Customers as a Service!

There are no annual fees or royalties to pay to us.

You can charge your customers with your own prices.


Client management dashboard

When you get a new customer, just add them to your customer dashboard to keep track of customers and easily manage projects!

You can also add, edit, and remove clients that you’ve already done with.


Feedback engine

The Sqribble customer feedback tool makes it easy to send your designs to customers for approval, get real-time feedback, and get paid faster!

This is how it works:

  • STEP 1 : Create the e-book with sqribble.
  • STEP 2 : Share the automatically generated private connection with customers.
  • STEP 3 : Get their feedback in real life Time and update design!

Customers see the e-book and receive instructions on how to do it how to give feedback. You can click every page and every area of ​​the e-book they want change then leave comments for you!

You will receive a notification. Once you’ve made the changes, just resend the link to the client.

And don’t worry – your customers will never see Sqribble branding, and they will never know you are using Sqribble to cheat your way into gorgeous e-book designs and sales!

Here’s the really exciting part …

There are thousands of hungry customers with verified budgets that you want to hire to create ebooks, reports, and PDFs instantly!

With Sqribble, anyone can do this job in minutes!

But look at this …

This person posted a job on a budget of

$ 1,000 for the design and layout of their e-book!

Don’t you think you could accept these gigs and complete them in record time with SQRIBBLE ?!

But how do you get customers?

Get them on Upwork (I was just looking for e-book formatting jobs and I got 173 results …), all on a big budget for simple tasks that you can do in minutes with Sqribble!

Get them on Craigslist (there are dozens of Hiring vacancies every day).

Get these on marketing forums (the Warrior Forum has a huge rental sub-forum where people are just about to pay you).

Get them on LinkedIn (thousands of small businesses there need lead magnets, white papers, and e-books made for them).

Get her on Fiverr, where hundreds of people are looking to start their e-book on a budget.

Get these on Facebook groups where thousands of business owners are searching for freelancers.

And if that’s not enough, you can market your content on Facebook, Slideshare and Pinterest to show potential customers your “work” and get them to come to you!


FREE agency website!

(Worth $ 997)

In order to act as a professional agency and attract highly paid customers, you need one

Portfolio and high quality website. So we took that extra step and will give it

You get a complete, ready-to-use agency website, FREE!

Typically, it costs at least $ 997 to build such a site.

This is fully customizable and includes text, images, and an impressive pre-filled portfolio to showcase to your prospects.

Just update it with your information, upload it hoch and you can take orders immediately!


Click. Design. Benefit The complete e-book design studio is equipped with a state of the art drag and drop user Interface. Create stunningly high quality and professional ebooks in minutes with distinction Winning templates.


Self-employed. Customers. sales

The complete solution for your own start worthwhile design agency!

Comes complete with a commercial license to sell the e-books You create a premade website as well Attract customers!


Learn. Leverage.

Take off The complete training program with interactive Modules that allow you to get the most out of the program entire Sqribble Suite! We’ll show you Power of Sqribble with step-by-step instructions.

YES! Give me right away



Write an ebook and make money

Instantly create stunning eBooks and reports and fill them with fantastic content at the touch of a button!

Make my list by giving these reports away!

Increase Sales By Selling eBooks To My Audience!

Engage readers like never before!

Avoid hours of writing and designing!

Save Thousands on Freelancers and Complicated Tools!

30 day satisfaction guarantee

Your purchase is backed by a 30-day no-questions-asked guarantee:

If you don’t save time and money with Sqribble, you can increase your eBook sales or Build your list faster, we don’t want your money!

Just give Sqribble software a try for 30 days and whenever you choose It is not for you. We’ll be happy to give you all of your money back. We are here to Support you and your company!

Here in this article we have shared how to write an ebook and make money without any efforts. Hope you liked this article on how to write an ebook and make money.

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